I have a spreadsheet with all the email address you will need. Go the AR Legislator tab and you will find all the email address to the committees.



Judicary Committee    HB 1009   Amend


,Judicary Committee  HB1023 They want to change some small words to it but will have a BIG impact. We can only change what is underlined, the rest we can't becasue it is already a law. They want to change the part where a 4th degree relative CAN NOT go to any function at school. IF this bill passes the only people who can go are 1st and 2nd degree relatives. UPDATE 1/31- This bill passed and I"m sure it will pass the full HOUSE. It has been amended to include great grandparents. Amend    Impact


HB1279  This is mostly a clean up bill. But I do have a concern as to what the meaning of "child" is? Because most of the time the "child" is a police officer.


 Aging, Children and Youth Committee   HB1237    Can't have custody of a child.  

  • 1-30-19 Update on HB1237 got pulled. I had a chance to talk to Rep. Petty. She told me she will not run that bill again. So we don’t have to worry about it. I didn't have to testify and neither did Judge Crumpton. We had both signed up to testify against this bill. It was nice to visit with her and to find out we were on the same page on this bill. The House committees had lots of questions and you could tell very few were in favor of this bill. I talked to Rep.Petty afterwards, she told me she never liked this bill and it will be her pleasure to pull it and never bring it back. I’m going to take that as a hug​e​ win for our side.



Judicary Committee    SB8   For level 3-4.  You can’t take a picture of any one under the age of 14 without some kind of  verbal permission from the parent. You can’t post a picture on any type of social media. The bill does not say anything about what kind of photos, this could be of a child playing outside,a kid playing sports, or even blowing bubbles. If this is not your child, you can not take a photo and post it on social media. Update: 1-16,  I testified and so did  criminal defense lawyer Jeff Rosenzweig.  After the session was over, channel 7 asked me for a interviewAmened 1  Amended 2   IMpact


Judicary Committee    SB10  Level 3-4.  This bill wants to take all the fun away from any parents who is a SO and wants to celebrate Halloween. We-(ATAT) have studies that show nothing has every happen on Halloween that was caused by a SO. We will try our best to fight this one. We will need emails saying how this will hurt families trying to have fun with their kids. The kids will be the ones who will be hurt by this one.   Amened   Impact 


Judicary committee SB177 This bill is changing how many days you have to registered. Going from 7 days to 5 days. WE are in favor of this bill. I know.. hard to believe. =)   PASSED 2-12-19

Judiciary committeeSB183 A level 2,3,and 4 can't hold a position of public trust" means as in the fire department, law enforcement agency, or emergency medical service agency.  Passed the Senate Judicary committee

Judicary Committee SB206  About getting off the register after 15 years. I don't like this one. A lot going on with this bill.  

  • Page 2, line 4. Should be 5 years or less. Would you want to move to Arkansas after being on the register for many years from another state and have to be on it for 15 more years,  just so you can prove you’re a decent person?  
  • Page 2, line 32. The whole paragraph. getting reassessed before you try to get off the register after 15 years. Point 1. What is this going to prove? Nothing. It will tie up the courts waiting for you to get assessed. The Pine Bluff off is already back logged on getting a first time RC assess.  If this bill does pass we also want it to say if you do have to get reassessed, then we want it done by a professional therapist.  We all know that the polygraph isn’t used in court but it’s what you say before you get hooked up is what they can use against you. The part about the polygraph should be taken out or at least have it videotaped from all angles and recorded.


Judicary Committee SB207   Cant be a volunteer Fireman. Do I need to say anymore  (shaking my head)-- PASSED the Senate Judiciary committee.

Transport Committee  SB107   can't have a special license plate to support law enforcement.-Defered

Public Health ...Committee Senate:  SB164  Can't have a license to be a counselor.


1. Send emails to the correct committee.  You can write a SHORT email or just put in the message line “vote no on SB#, or HB#?.  

2. Keep checking this website for any updates. I will post all the bills on this front page.  If you want to look up bills for your self but don’t know how. I have a detail, with pictures on How to look them up-go the the Legislature TAP to find it. 

3. Find out who is your Sentor and Representative are.

If you want to learn how to do a mail merge, watch this video. This tutor showed how. I have the speadsheet already made for you. Webmaster is going to make it where you can download it. but I am going to sent it to you by email, if you are on our mailinglist.  This will make it so much earier to send those email instead of copy and pasted each one. 

Lesson: Just in case you don't know how it work:

  1. You can email anyone on the committee. But when the bill goes to the full House or the full Senate, then you can only email the person who is representing your district. 



 Our work becomes better, stronger, and more effective with as many members as possible working with us.  If you are not yet a member, or you want to help us  block bad bill from becoming law, let ATAT know right away.  Become part of our work—help us to help you all the more, all the better.  

The more people we have helping, the better. I need people to look up bills, know how to read them. We also need people to send emails to the Senators to let them know we don't like that bill. Please tell your family and friends about us, The more people we have, The louder our voice will be.


Dont worry about:   HB1142, 1111, 1115, 1072 , 1430 -this are just clean up bills


2-8 Update:  I wanted to share with all of you today about a meeting. I was invited to a meeting this morning with mine   Representative (Rep. Hawks). He wanted to know more about how the assessment are conducted, What is the different between each level, and some of the impacted of the laws. I gave him our wish list, that I will attach here for you to read. I told him of two other Senators that are also open to what I have to say.  I do believe a door has open up for us. Rep. Hawks did tell me, he has a lot on his agenda this session. But if he is welling to work with us, we might be able to get something does next session.  I thank him for giving me the time to tell our stories. He told me thank you for being a voice for people who can't speak for themselves. Things are starting to look good for us. But we still need to get through session.